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Indepen­dence Cup

on the occasion of the anniversary of the restoration of independence by Poland

"Let us together bring Polish fencing shine again"





For 15 years Polish Fencing Club has trained and educated young fencers, cultivating the traditions of the Polish school of fencing, inseparable from the history of Poland and the struggle for its independence. Hence, in 2016, the trainers and parents of our fencers came up with an idea of joining in the annual joyful celebration of Independence Day of our Homeland by organizing a nationwide and in the near future international fencing tournament. Our intention is not only to develop a high-level sporting event, but also to promote patriotic and independent ideas.

We wish that the Independence Tournament will permanently join the calendar of the Independence Day celebrations in Poland.





2017 tournament has been organized by:


Polish Fencing Club

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Polish Fencing Federation

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"PGE Narodowy" Stadium

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Fall in love with Warsaw

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Honorary patronage of the 2017 tournament:


Minister of Sport and Tourism - Mr. Witold Bańka

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Ministry of National Defence, Secretary of State – Mr. Michał Dworczyk

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Mayor of the Praga-Południe District of the Capital City of Warsaw - Mr. Tomasz Kucharski

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Main Sponsor of the 2017 tournament:


PKO Bank Polski

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Sponsors of the 2017 tournament:


A.Blikle Sp. z o.o.

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Capital Sp. z o.o.

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Hit Hotel

Logo Hit Hotel

Ventus Sp. z o.o.

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Media patronage of the 2017 tournament:


TVP Sport

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Polish Radio RDC

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Warsaw-Prague's social-autonomic magazine MIESZKANIEC

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Logo Mat-Fencing